Homemade Ceramic flower frog

$50.00 HKD - $150.00 HKD Sold Out

We made some ceramic frogs and want to share with you!
They are in different shapes, sizes and glazed in beautiful colours, with few different sizes of holes here so you can put your favourite flowers/foliage in, ideally for your Ikebana flower arrangement.
Gently remind that you need a container to pair up with the frog(s).

p.s. not suitable for thick stems

A- Aqua: 6 W x 3 H cm ($150)
B- Coffee: 6.8 W x 3.5 H cm ($150)
C- Blue: 6.2 L x 3.5 H cm ($130)
D- Oval brown: 6 W x 3 H cm ($100)
E- Chocolate: 5 W x 2.5 H cm ($80)
F- Oval sand: 5.3 L x 3 H cm ($80)
G- MIni blue: 3.8 W x 2.5 H cm ($50)