V&B pearl and hearty necklace

$350.00 HKD - $400.00 HKD Sold Out

Our own accessory collection. When we found these lot of assorted vintage heart shaped gemstone pendants (from US), they evoked our childhood memory at once because we have a similar jade pendant that mom gave us (and force us to wear everyday, haha)!
Now we have mixed them in a romantic way, pairing them with a mini pearl necklaces. We love to wear them with a casual outfit such as a T-shirt.
Don't be miss as they are one-of-a-kind!

Pink one:
Material: Pink quartz, 4mm shell pearl, 14k gold plated connector
Length: 21cm/ heart width: 2.5cm

Blue one:
Material: Lapis, 2.5mm fresh water pearl, 14k gold plated connector
Length: 20cm/ heart width: 2cm