Austin Press sanctum candles and candle snuffer

$260.00 HKD - $350.00 HKD On Sale

Austin Press is a small letterpress and design studio in San Francisco, an exquisite collection of finely crafted objects, candles and apothecary expand the line.
All of their products are hand made in the USA.

We have picked 4 of our favourite scents from AP’s wide range of candle selection for you:

Gentleman’s Club
Fine cologne, leather chairs, white bouquet, rosewood and smoke.

Cowboy’s Camp
Midnight campfire, dirty denim, tobacco, horsehair and sappy pine.

Bee’s Hive
Clover honey, wild daisies, green moss and damp earth.

Spider’s Web
Black current, petitgrain, oakmoss and amyris.

All of the AP aromatically nuanced candles are made with soy, coconut and bee’s wax, natural essential oils and fine perfume. Pour into recycled glass vessels, with cotton wicks and their signature letterpressed art for the packaging.

8oz. approx.
50 hours burn time

Original price: HK$450.

Silver little hand wick snuffer
This playful yet useful little hand candle wick snuffer must be your candles’ best companion!
Packaged in a muslin bag.

Original price: HK$300.