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Private group or 1:1 workshop are also available, just tell us your need.

The following flower workshop types are what we used to hold:

• Centerpiece with flower pin frog (kenzan) 
Pin frog is a helpful tool to hold flowers firmly in one place and let you to keep the stems where you want them when creating an arrangement. It is not only using for Japanese floral arrangement (Ikebana) and we will show you how to use it and let you make your own style of arrangement. 

We divided this kind of workshop into two levels:
- Elementary (劍山入門)
-Advance (劍山進階)

Elementary (劍山入門)
This workshop is to use a smaller size of pin frog to let the beginner easy to handle the arrangement with fewer stems. As the result, the work comes out will be more focusing on showing every beautiful lines and curves of the flower itself.

Participants' works:

-Advance (劍山進階)
The workshop is suitable for the participant who finished the elementary workshop or has flower arrangement experience. Use a bigger pin frog to create multiple layers with more flowers and besides showing the lines, also create the form.

Participants' works:


Floral faom free centerpiece
In this workshop we will guild the participant how to use chicken wire to replace floral foam and to create a voluminous centerpiece.

Participants' works:


• Customized 1:1 class
Tell us what you want to try and learn and also your favourites then we will custom made a workshop- only for you.

• V&B x Ada Chu- Ikebana workshop (花道- 池坊工作坊)
Ada is a licensed (Ikenobo) Ikebana instructor and she will bring the partipants to know more deeply about the world of Ikebana and starts with some signature Ikenobo style arrangements that suitable for beginners.

Participants' works:


Hand tied bouquet (手綁花束設計)

• Vase arrangement (瓶花設計)

• Christmas workshop (聖誕掛飾設計)

• Potted Orchid arrangement