BOX AND CROSS Diamond bracelet and "Lucky" anklet

$1,980.00 HKD - $3,580.00 HKD

“Stylish simplicity” is the best words to describe BOX AND CROSS’ jewellery collection. All the delicate pieces are using 18 kt gold, cultured pearls, diamonds and precious gemstones, handcrafted in Hong Kong.
The founder of the brand believes every little piece of Jewellery carries a message and aims to create an affordable fine jewellery line to let you shine everyday.

With simple and modern design, these “Thread” bracelet series collection become the brand’s signature items.

Twin Diamond double line bracelet
+-0.05cts diamond x 2pcs, V-shaped black threads.
18kt yellow gold bead stopper.

Donut jade and gold bead anklet
In Chinese, jade in "donut-like" shape called "平安扣" which Chinese people like to wear it and think it can be bringing luck and peace.
The brand wisely to mix this traditional thing with modern design to let you wear these "lucky things" everyday in the most chic way.

ø +-10mm jadeite jade donut
18kt yellow gold bead and clasp fastener
Fuchsia colour thread around, bead at end can adjust the thread's length
21.5cm in total length
*dount jade can be detached.

Handcrafted item
Adjustable length, fits to 14-17cm width wrist
Cleaning with a soft cloth

These colour options are BOX AND CROSS customized for us and can dispatch once ordered.