Speckled ceramic bowl + frog set/ single flower frog

$180.00 HKD - $500.00 HKD Sold Out

We have found these poetic piece from a Canadian ceramicist, truly a kind of wabi sabi aesthetic.

First one is a wheel-thrown ceramic bowl and flower frog set, designed for hassle-free operation for you to create the flower arrangement. The frog inside can be taken away and becomes a single bowl, really a multi-functional ware.
Bowl- 13 W x 5.7 H cm
Frog- 5.6 W x 2.9 H cm

Second one (shown on the 4th and 5th pics) is only a single flower frog in same material, size is a bit bigger than the bowl set one. You can match it with any of your favourite vessel.
7 W x 2.7 H cm

All of them are handmade in GTA Ontario, Canada.