Hand blown glass vases from Japanese glassmaker

$1,390.00 HKD - $1,450.00 HKD Sold Out

Such dreamy glass vases! Each piece is hand blown by the glassmaker and specially made for us. Look at those beautiful patterns, every piece is one of a kind.
Handmade in Osaka, Japan.

A- 15cm H x 11cm W, ø 3.5cm opening
B- 13.8cm H x 9cm W, ø 5.2cm opening
C- 17.8cm H x 8cm W, ø 4.5cm opening
D- 13.7cm H x 10cm W, ø 4.5cm opening
E- 17cm H x 9cm W, ø 3.9cm opening
F- 16.5cm H x 8.2cm W, ø 3.5cm opening