Maison Balzac Monsieur Escargot and Marble hand incense holders

$890.00 HKD - $1,880.00 HKD On Sale

There are two funny and beautiful marble powder made incense holders by Maison Balzac.

'MONSIEUR ESCARGOT' The Snail is a solid marble incense holder. His antennae come alive when you add two incense sticks carefully into the top of his head.
Size: 20cm W, 11cm H - without incense
Two mm wide holes for incense sticks

The cool Marble hand is inspired by the hands magically appearing from the walls of the chateau in La Belle et Le Bete, a 1946 black & white movie by Jean Cocteau.
The index holds an incense stick until it extinguishes.
17cm H

Both made sustainably in France with white marble powder from Carrara in Italy.

We recommended you to match these two gorgeous with Maison Balzac wide range of incenses.