Seashell Box by Los Objetos Decorativos(was $680)

$600.00 HKD On Sale

Los Objetos Decorativos aims to create a collection of lifestyle elements that are present on the daily scene. The essence of the project is to keep on creating elements through the exploration of new materials and contemporary techniques.
Created by Rosa Rubio. Studio based in Barcelona, every piece is using modern prototyping techniques such as 3D modeling and CNC cutting but hand crafted by local artisans in Spain.

This seashell box is the combination of 3D modeling and handcrafted production. The box can contain small belongings, ideally as a jewel box!
Materials: Clay, unglazed on the outside, glazed on the inside. Matt finish.
Crafted by ceramic artisans in Spain.

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 4.5 cm